The FTK Advantage

We Create Savings That Add To Your Bottom Line
and Protect Your Business Investment



TRUST: We show you what our cost is on all items and how FTK’s basic costs are the same as any other U.S. processor.

TRANSPARENCY: We help you understand what fees you’re paying through your current processor and identify and clarify any hidden charges.

SAVINGS: We help you project the future savings you can achieve by processing through FTK.


Increase Your Savings!

FTK Management has been providing credit card processing solutions to merchants across the United States since 2000. We can systematically analyze your current Credit Card Statement and regularly find $100.00 or more per month in savings! Multiply that by twelve months and you could be saving $1200.00 or more …just by controlling some costs. That’s significant!

We share three specific bits of information to help you make an intelligent decision.

1. Our costs. The processing industry is regulated by Visa and MasterCard, so all internal costs to merchant accounts are basically the same. We will tell you what those are, that way you know where the bottom threshold is in various categories.

2. We will show you what you are currently paying and assess if this is the best way to keep your processing costs low.

3. We will show you, with no surprises and no upfront fees, what we can provide our services to you for with or without the Free Equipment we provide. This will give you the ability to understand what you are paying for.

At FTK we believe in Trust, Transparency and Savings. We know that by putting these first our clients can focus on their business and trust us to provide hassle free savings and services.


We start the process with an analysis of your most recent credit card statement. When you email or fax us your statement feel free to block out your account numbers or any personal information if it makes you feel more at ease – we simply need to analyze the data in order to help you. Once your statement is provided, we will analyze it, determine the savings and then show you the internal costs, what you are currently paying, and the savings. A conversation that requires no more than 5 minutes of your time.

Never Any Upfront or Out-Of-Pocket Costs

You can get started today, simply by calling us at 1.208.687.3158 or by filling out our Merchant Application Request form and emailing or faxing us your most recent statement.

Competitive And Efficient So You Save More

Cut Your Monthly Costs!

We work very hard to squeeze the cost out of our business so we can provide better service for less than our competitors. To put it bluntly, WE KNOW WHAT OUR COMPETITORS CHARGE – FTK CHARGES LESS.

Our business continues to be blessed. FTK focuses on removing those HIDDEN & MYSTERIOUS FEES currently charged by your processor. We enjoy one of the lowest costs for transaction fees in the industry.

We competitively price various fees such as monthly statement fees, per transaction fees, etc.

Without you we have no business, so we price our account so competitively that there will not be MUCH MEAT left on the table for competition to try and pull you away from us.

We strive to EARN and KEEP your business so please be sure to voice ANY and ALL concerns that you may have NOW and in the FUTURE.

A Cost Saving Advantage Over Your Bank

Over the years our company has built strong relationships with several processing banks that we represent. We subscribe to the belief that a business can not be all things to all people and as such, banks and processors are the same way. We keep an edge over our competitors because we always have a bank available to meet just about any merchant’s specific needs.

Our company can place a merchant with the best bank so that the merchant realizes greater savings. FTK is allowed to price accordingly to benefit the merchant.

We like to inform a merchant on what ACTUAL COSTS are involved in processing with Visa and MasterCard for a better understanding of how our pricing provides the best benefit.

At FTK, we want you to always have peace of mind in knowing that you already have good pricing whenever a competitor approaches you in the future, which I am sure happens to you quite often already.

Saving You Time While Saving You Money

Just a Five Minute Phone Call!

Our evaluation process is quick and painless. You can call, email or fax us your statement. We’ll be happy to provide you a free detailed analysis. Then armed with information on the savings you will achieve, you can make an informed decision that is right for your business.

You can get started today, simply by calling us at 1.208.687.3158 or by filling out our Merchant Application Request form, email or and fax us your most recent statement.

Real Visible Savings

Not only have we guaranteed a savings since 2000 and tried to convey what items cost us but we explain how our internal costs are the same costs as every other processor or bank in the country. We tell the merchant what they are currently paying, then demonstrate a savings. Usually it’s more than enough to positively change the merchant’s life.

No Equipment Hassles or Worries – Ever

Already have equipment? No problem. We will analyze the document and show you how to deal with and mitigate a lease that may automatically renew unless certain action is taken.

You need equipment? No problem. We will provide FREE equipment for your processing requirements. Why not have an account specialists call you for a free consultation?

You can get started today, simply by calling us at 1.208.687.3158 or by filling out our Merchant Application Request form and email or fax us your most recent statement.

Never Any Contract to Tie You Down

Don’t Be Tied Down!

Don’t want to sign a contract? Don’t worry! That’s no problem with FTK. A corporate letter will be provided essentially converting the standard bank jargon to a month to month agreement.

Already in a Contract?

No problem. We cover the merchant’s early termination fee up to the industry standard of $295.00 so you can switch with peace of mind and start saving immediately!

Please call with further questions. We look forward to receiving a copy of your most recent processing statement for a free analysis and quote. Please black out your account number. Thanks