About FTK Management

FTK Management, Inc. (FTK) was founded in 2000 in the beautiful Coeur d’ Alene area of northern Idaho. FTK serves most every type of business throughout the United States and certain countries.

Representing various major processors and banks mainly within the United States; FTK assists all businesses that accept debit and credit cards for the payment of goods and services. Free basic or wireless equipment is also available to those businesses desiring to establish debit and credit card processing or to those in need of updating their equipment.

The FTK management team has over 30 years of business experience in areas such as marketing and retailing, real estate management and property development. Our goal is to enhance the merchant’s profitability in the reduction of their credit card processing cost while providing personal service and experience.

FTK strives to deliver solutions that exceed the expectations of the business owner. We match the type of business with the best processing bank and service available.

In this age of desired transparency, FTK prides itself with providing information for the merchant in the following three steps.

  1. TRUST: We show you our cost on all items and how FTK’s basic costs are the same as any other U.S. processor.
  2. TRANSPARENCY: We help you understand what fees you’re paying through your current processor and identify and clarify any hidden charges.
  3. SAVINGS: We help you project the future savings you can achieve by processing through FTK.

In addition to debit and credit card payments, there are several other types of payment sources provided by FTK. These include gift cards, check protection, ACH processing and if needed, working capital.

Throughout the United States we have a growing number of representatives actively seeking to contact business owners looking to reduce and control the cost of processing credit and debit cards. With only general information about a given business operation, FTK is able to compare the merchant’s current processing methods to their available services and pricing terms. This allows for a custom fit, helping to reduce that business owner’s cost of sale.

FTK Management, Inc. finds great satisfaction in successfully helping business operators realize a savings in their payment processing. Our clients enjoy the benefit of personal service and an increase to their bottom line profits.

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